war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


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for biographies of the Fallen see "Whitfield - Casualties of War" by James Steeples



The Memorial was unveiled on Wednesday, 9 June 1920, by the Mayor of Dover, Councillor C E Beaufoy. The service was conducted by the Rev D L Nichol, the Congregational minister at Dover. He said, "for the most part the graves of those brave lads were in some foreign land, but their memory is treasured by their friends here this night, and on that tablet their names are recorded, so that those who come along in years to come might hold their names in reverence still."

He continued, "Those who had laid down their lives stood between us and an awful fate, and they had saved civilisation. It was in the spirit of thankfulness and gratitude that we meet here this evening, glad and proud in their remembrance. Their names would stand for scores of generations, to be read by children yet unborn, who would ask to know the story, and it would be told them how these men laid down their lives in a great cause."

The tablet was made by Whitnall and Sons, of Dover

the Grateful Memory
Albert E. Butterfield
Alfred J Butterfield
Charles Bean W Carswell
George Files Fred Gee
Henry Lawrence Albert Marsh
Charles Marsh Frederick Marsh
Edward Richards
Reginald Sheppard
Residents of this Parish
who made the Supreme Sacrifice
for Honour, Truth, and Right
in the Great War 1914-1919
"Faithful unto Death"

picture Simon John Chambers

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