war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

St Luke's, Hawkinge

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Hawkinge is famed for its use during World War II as an airfield, being the closest to France. In St Luke's church is the Battle of Britain Memorial window, depicting The Pilots of 32 Squadron at Hawkinge in July 1940.

Left to right are P/O R F Smythe, P/O J E Proctor, P/O P M Gardner, P/O K R Gillman, Fl/Lt P M Brothers, P/O D H Grice, P/O A F Eckford



the plaque, left, is placed by the Memorial window pane





There is also a memorial to the Fallen of the Great War, including civilian casualties. 

The inscription reads:

I am the resurrection and the life

In grateful remembrance of the undernamed men of this parish who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914-1918

also of parishioners who were killed in the air raid on Folkestone on 25th May 1917

Herbert Byron Andrews
Rowland George Bailey
Percy Thomas Bailey
Cyril Edward Bailey
Frederick Horace Barton
Frederick John Bridges
William Frederick Brisley
Walter Charles Brisley
Percy John Brisley
Lewis Alfred Brisley
Stephen Thomas Castle
Alfred George Fagg
Gordon Feist
Frederick Albert Ernest Marsh
Charles Marsh
John Seath Parks
Alfred Philpott
Ernest Rye
Frank Irving Pascoe Wells

Air Raid Victims

Nellie Feist
Stanley Feist
Albert Dennis Daniels




















St Luke's church was dedicated on 5 December 1959, eventually replacing St Michael's church which was declared redundant in 1980 after the centre of the village had moved.

The location of the Battle of Britain memorial window may be seen left; it is the opaque pane that is just below the right arm of the white cross.




We were informed that a back room at the White Horse public house, along the road from the church, was used as a morgue when pilots crashed in the area. The 95 war graves in the cemetery at Hawkinge are mainly those of airmen, with around a quarter of them having died in the Battle of Britain.


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