war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Hawkshill Freedown, Walmer

This adorable little memorial was dedicated in August 1920. It stands at the corner of a former Great War aerodrome, close by the edge of the cliffs looking over the English channel


The front of the panel reads:

We pray you remember in the Lord these gallant airmen who gave their lives
in France and were stationed at this aerodrome April 1917 October 1918

Flt Cmdr F G Armstrong DSC 25.3.18
Flt Sub Lt F E Bayley DFC 23.10.18
Flt Sub Lt E J K Buckley Croix de Guerre and Chevalier de la Couronnne 28.9.17
Flt Comdr S T Edwards DSC and bar 22.11.18
Flt Lt J E Greene DFC 14.10.18
Flt Lt E T Hayne DSC  28.4.19.
Flt Cmdr C R R Hickey DFC and bar 2.10.18
Flt Lt R.A.S Hill 12.18.19.(sic)
Flt Cmdr R A Little DSO and bar DSC and bar 27.5.18
Flt Lt J G Manuel DSC 10.6.18.
A/Flt Comdr R McDonald 8.5.18.
Flt Lt L A Sands 23.3.18
Flt Lt A J B Tonks DFC and bar 14.7.19
Sqd Comdr T C Vernon 15.9.17.
Flt Comdr R R Winter 3.2.18.
Flt Sub Lt D R C Wright 23.12.17

Think, O Lord, in mercy
On the souls of those
Who in faith gone from us
Now in death repose.
Here 'mid stress and conflict
Toils can never cease:
There, the warfare ended,
Bid them rest in peace.
Often were they wounded
In the deadly strife:
Heal them Good Physician
With the balm of life.
Every taint of evil, frailty and decay,
Good and Gracious Saviour
Cleanse and purge away.
Rest eternal grant them,
After weary fight:
Shed on them the radiance
Of Thy heavenly light.
Lead them onward, upward
To the Holy Place
Where Thy saints made perfect
Gaze upon Thy face.

Memorial presented by The Countess Beauchamp 7th August 1920

The back of the panel reads:

May we meet our beloved dead in the mount of God, where the understanding is rich, the will is satisfied, the affections are all love and joy, and our weaknesses and dishonours shall be changed to the strength and beauties of the sons of God.

O Lord our Saviour, who dost feed Thy faithful people in green pastures and leadest them to the waters of comfort, turn not away Thy servants from that pleasant land of rest, where with the Father and the Son Thou livest and reignest ever, one God, world without end - Amen

O eternal Lord God, who beholdest all souls in life, we beseech Thee to shed forth upon Thy whole church in Paradise and on earth the bright beams of Thy light and heavenly comfort, and grant that we, following the good examples of those who have served Thee here and are at rest, may, with them, at length, enter into Thine unending joy, Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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