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This is the beginning of a list of civilian injuries in Dover through enemy action. It will be revised frequently as we access more sources.  If you have further information, please let us know

This preliminary list is based on Roy Humphreys' book, "Dover at War, 1939-1945". According to this book 307 civilians were seriously injured in Dover and 420 were slightly injured. There were 3,059 raid Alerts.

Numbers in italics were obtained from the book "Front Line County" by Andrew Rootes, with figures mainly from the Civil Defence War Diaries at the County Archives, Maidstone. Those marked DE were found in issues of the Dover Express newpaper.

There are discrepancies in the figures, and information from one source in the table may not incorporate information from another. See also the different list from the Diary of Events, Dover Municipal Borough


Date Name Location Notes
10 July George Knight Matthews Place bullet wound to leg during dogfight
11 August two slight injuries   Me attack on barrage balloons
12 August three seriously injured, nine slightly injured Noah's Ark Road first shells (from railway-mounted)
22 August seven seriously injured
two slightly injured (or four seriously injured, seven slightly injured)
24 August two seriously injured    
25 August Lady North prohibited area stepped on mine while out walking
two slightly injured   plane crash
31 August woman Globe Inn, Peter Street wound to leg, Me shooting balloons
man Noah's Ark Road wound to chest, as above
man and woman 41 Edred Road wounds to legs after man hit cannon shell with axe
September Mr Beaufoy, Chief of Special Constabulary, Magistrate   blown across road by shell, "badly knocked about", the following April needed treatment for eye problems
9 September woman Temple Ewell slight injury, bombers
Mrs Rogers Admiral Harvey fractured arm, shelling
three seriously injured, two slightly injured   shelling
11 September Patricia Treadwell Grand Hotel bombing
thirteen seriously injured, thirty-six slightly injured   bombing and shelling
16 September Thomas Kemp St James St shell splinter
26 September four seriously injured (one probably being Mr Gaetano Abate), thirteen slightly injured   shelling
27 September man Harold Street bomb
30 September casualty Ladywell fire station shell
2 October four seriously injured Clarendon Street Me bombs. Two may have been Alice Phillips, who sustained leg injuries, and Henry Phillips, her son, with back injuries. Their house,  no 134, received a direct hit (year uncertain). They were dug out of their Anderson shelter.
 with thanks to Fred Brewer
7 October Mr and Mrs Moore St James Street? bomb
Mrs Clavery    
landlady of White Horse    
8 October woman Manor Road bomb
six seriously injured, one slightly injured   bombing
18 October three civilians (or one seriously injured, one slightly injured) Connaught Park shells
20 October Mr Carswell Stanhope Road badly injured, shell
three seriously injured   shelling
21 October slight casualties   bombing
two casualties Clock Tower bombing
one above may be PC Saville   hit by shrapnel at 17.30, left arm amputated subsequently
22 October minor casualties Norman Street shell
25 October three serious (or three slightly injured) Tower Hill shell
five Priory Station shell
1st November two slightly injured   shelling
6 November one serious   shelling
13 November twelve seriously injured, twelve slightly injured   bombing
14 November one seriously injured, one slightly injured   bombing


Date Name Location Notes
10 February several in concert party Hippodrome exploding bomb
31 March woman London Road/St Rad's shock and hearing loss, shell
three serious 22 Bartholomew Street shell
(or five slightly injured)   shelling
29 April two slight Mayfield Avenue airburst shell
Dennis Keeler, William Irving, James Rogers gun emplacements east of town airburst shells
7 May Mr Hare Market Square car overturned, shell
driver and conductor Market Square, East Kent Bus cut by flying glass, shell
three serious Priory Road shell
(or eight seriously injured, eight slightly injured)   shelling
May C E Beaufoy letter in Dover Express blindness through shell shock, closed his undertaking and building businesses
three men in car on Deal/Dover Road gunshot wounds, fired by sentry whose challenge was unheard
12 June over twenty serious (23 slightly injured) Randolph Road air mine
25 July one woman Barwick's Yard, Market St hit by flying debris
19 August Mr Clement Hippodrome hit by masonry, bomb
27 August 27 - including 11 men, 2 women serious, 7 women slight, and 4 children Charlton/Tower Hamlets JU88 bombing raid
7 September two slightly injured   bombing
17 September Mrs Hatton, Mrs Dive, Albert Humphries (63), Ernest Horton (40), Harry Wilson (70) seriously injured   bombing
2 October thirteen injuries Folkestone Road/Malvern bomb
Doreen Hart Folkestone Road/Malvern. bomb
5 October      
21 October five injured Stanhope Road bomb
1 November three seriously injured, one slightly injured   shelling
7 November seven injured Leyburne/Harold Road bomb


Date Name Location Notes
23 March six seriously injured, five slightly injured   bombing
3 April many (18 seriously injured, four slightly injured) shelter in Union Road bomb
Warden J Warren Church R/Folkestone Road broken shoulder blade, damaged foot, bomb
Warden Edward Gandy ARP Post Union Road post lifted and toppled into crater of Union Road Shelter, bomb
24 July Mr Castle, roadsweeper 100 Maison Dieu Road bomb fragment in leg
5 September three women two men serious, three women two men slight (or five seriously injured, twelve slightly injured) 1,2 Albert Road FW190 bomb
ordnance workers, slight Folkestone Road bomb
6 September two women one man serious Pioneer Road shell
William Decort, butcher of Bench Street ARP warden on his way to the Sea Front Air Raid Post struck by flying object in thigh, shell
three casualties Charlton Avenue/Priory Hill shell
5 October three minor 21 Priory Road shell
nine injured Adrian Street shell
Mr Page (probably Albert, brother to Charles) Last Lane foot blown off, shell (may have lost leg to subsequent gangrene)
Mr Marsh 28 Adrian Street ear blown off, shell
Mrs Marsh 29 Adrian Street severe thigh wound, shell
(or eight seriously injured, six slightly injured)    
10 December two people (or two seriously injured, one slightly injured) 121 Snargate Street shell


Date Name Location Notes
18 January Mr Foad, seriously Percival Terrace JU88 incendiary
5 April Miss Watson 6/7 The Paddock shell
two St James Church/Woolcomber shell
1 May two slight casualties Union Road shell
9 May Mrs Knights, slightly (or one slightly) 13 Maison Dieu Road shell
22 May Miss Chapman, seriously (one seriously injured) 126 Mayfield Avenue bomb
eleven slight (eleven slightly injured) Mayfield Avenue bomb
27 June ten (seven seriously injured, one slightly injured) Market Square/Cannon Street shell
29 June three seriously injured, four slightly injured   shelling
24 August one woman   shell
Edward Austen, serious Edred Road shell
(or two seriously injured)   shelling
25 October Margaret Shearn, serious (eight seriously injured, one slightly injured) Glenfield road shell
3 November four Glenfield Road shell


Date Name Location Notes
22 January Caroline Godsmark, Violet Hemmings, Albert Nunns, Mrs Tugwell (or two seriously injured, six slightly injured) Stanhope Road bomb
20 March Mr and Mrs Smillie, serious (or one seriously injured, one slightly injured) 12/13 Prioress Walk shell
7 June four women, one man Westmount YMCA shell
three 27/29 Kitchener Road* shell
five Christchurch School shell
fourteen 41 Albany Place shell
(or four seriously injured, three slightly injured)   shelling
28 June two serious Priory Hill shell
15 August two Fairview Terrace, Hougham V1 blown up by ack-ack
29 August one serious, five others (or three seriously injured, two slihgtly injured) 35 St Radigund's Road shell
1 September two slight 29 Maison Dieu Road shell
two serious 8/10 Odo Road shell
casualties Stembrook armour piercing shell
(or eight seriously injured, two slightly injured)    
3 September casualties (four seriously injured, two slightly injured) Horton's Yard, Charlton Green shell
10 September seven London Road  
11 September (one seriously injured, two slightly injured)   shelling
12 September casualties (seven seriously injured, nine slightly injured)   shelling
13 September casualties Priory Station shell
ARP person 38 Dour Street building collapse
family Charlton Green shock when home partially destroyed
seventeen slightly injured, twelve slightly injured    
14 September one slight   shell
two slight Churchill Street shell
23 September Mrs Aspinall, two girls, one man, six women serious, six slight (ten seriously injured, eight slightly injured) Salvation Army Hostel, Snargate Street  
25 September two slight Victoria House, Union Road shell
two 37 Edred Road shell
six serious, eight slight (or eight seriously injured, nine slightly injured) 97 London Road shell
26 September five NFS slight Castle Street  
five Stanhope Road shell
four Mitre pub, Snargate Street shell
(or five seriously injured, twenty slightly injured)    

Elizabeth Eastonbroken top


* 27 Kitchener Road was the home of Maggie S-K's great-grandmother Elizabeth Easton (née Crascall) (left), widow of Isaac Easton.

The powder jar and candlestick (above) are from a dressing-table set belonging to Mrs Easton, two of the very few items salvaged from the damaged home. The break on the powder jar handle, caused by the shell damage, can still be seen (right).

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