war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

WWII - At Rest in The United Kingdom (A to C)


ALKHAM, near Dover


+COURT, Alfred James, 2 October 1941

DUTNALL, William, died 30 September 1940




+ALLEN, William, 24 March 1943



+REYNOLDS, David Thomas William, 16 February 1941. South East Plot, Grave 2



LOTT, Sapper, ERNEST JOHN, 2008810, Royal Engineers. 3 April 1943. Age 25. Son of Arthur Frederick and Lily Louise Lott, of Dover. Plot D, Grave 45

LUCAS, Edith, aged 18, died at Goldsmith Avenue, Portsmouth on 23 November 1940, daughter of Anthony and Annie Lucas (formerly Lukaszevieze), of 105 Milner Crescent, Aylesham, Canterbury, Kent


ARDERSIER CEMETERY, Inverness-shire, Scotland

+MANDERSON, Henry Robertson, 12 May 1942. Section 14, Grave 41



(p)+REEDER, 2 January 1944. Ref: West of Church


DENNANT, Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) VICTOR CHARLES, 900941, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 1 March 1941. Age 20. Son of Charles Henry and Mary Dennant, of Dover. Row AA, Grave 8



(p) +BAILEY, Leonard John, 24 October 1942. Section B 13 F C Grave 453 




{p}DYER, William H. Died 22 November 1940, buried 6 December 1940. Section 55, Grave 57982



+MARTIN, Victor Douglas, 6 April 1943. Plot O, Grave 192036


Serjeant Lorton, name on memorial, by Dean SumnerLORTON, Serjeant, CLARENCE HENRY, 5331282, Royal Berkshire Regiment. 17 August 1942. Age 37. Son of Clarence and Emily Elizabeth Lorton; husband of Dorothy Lorton, of Dover. Panel 12, Column 3 (left)

There is an epitaph on the memorial (below) which reads:

"1939 + 1945. This memorial bears the names three thousand five hundred men and women of the forces of the British Commonwealth Empire who gave their lives in their own country and in many foreign lands in home and distant waters in the campaign of 1940 in Norway and in later raids on the coasts of Europe and to  whom the fortune of war denied a known and honoured grave"


memorial, by Dean Sumner


BIDGOOD, Lilian Constance, Corporal, ATS, died 5 October 1943, grave 32A A 2

W Pauer, gravestone, by Dean SumnerPAUER, Major, WILLIAM LAMBERT, 43735, D C M, M M and Bar, Royal Engineers. 7 September 1945. Age 48. Son of William Pauer, M.R.C.V.S., and Annie Margaret Pauer; husband of Nellie Mary Pauer, of Dover. 5 C 17

The words at the bottom of his headstone (right) read:

Dear Husband of Nellie
Father of Pamela and Roger
Till we meet again

E Welch, headstone, by Dean SumnerWELCH, Gunner, ERNEST HENRY GEORGE, 1642585, 524 Bty., 63 (4th Bn. The Queen's Royal Regt. [West Surrey]) Searchlight Regt., Royal Artillery. Killed in a car accident on Christmas Day 1941. Age 32. Son of Harry and Kate Helen Welch. of Dover, brother of Victor, Dorothy, and Stanley, and cousin to Fred.  5 J 2

The words at the foot of his headstone read:

As One whom his Mother comforteth
So I will comfort you
Isaiah 66.13

PAOLINI, Aircraftman Armando and RIGOLONE, Sergeant Guiliano (Co-pilot)

A Paolini, headstone by Dean SumnerG Rigolone, headstone, by Dean SumnerBrookwood cemetery is notable for having the graves of the only two recorded Italian airmen who died on English soil as a result of aerial combat. Their Fiat BR20 bomber was shot down on a daylight raid to Harwich on 11 November 1940 and crash-landed near Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk

Armando. born 1917 (headstone left),  was killed when under attack by RAF fighters, whilst Giuliano, born 1919 (headstone right), died on 16 November from his wounds. At the bottom of both their headstones are the words, "Morto per la patria"

They are buried beside each other in the plot (part pictured below) for some three hundred Italian people who died while Prisoners of War

part of the Italian plot, by Dean Sumner

All Brookwood photos with thanks to Dean Sumner



+LYNCH, Robert Magnus, 23 March 1942

+TAYLOR, Brian, 23 March 1942

WELLS, Edith Agnes, 6 June 1940


MACDONALD, Donald, 24 April 1940. Commemorated on a Portland Stone in a recess on a pavilion on the west of the crematorium building


+ABBOTT, Leading Stoker, RONALD BERNARD, C/KX 115226, H.M.S. Curacoa, Royal Navy. 2 October 1942. Age 22. Son of Alfred Henry and Elen Mary Abbott, of Dover. Panel 61.1

+ARBUCKLE, Leading Seaman, 1 September 1944, H.M.S. Hurst Castle, Panel 74.3

+ATKINS, Able Seaman, REGINALD ARTHUR, C/JX 151928, H.M.S. Gallant, Royal Navy. 10 January 1941. Age 20. Son of Joseph and Mary Hannah Atkins, of Dover, Kent. Panel 42.1

+BELL, Stoker 1st Class, FREDERICK, C/KX 599223, H.M.S. Bullen, Royal Navy. 6 December 1944. Age 22. Husband of Josephine E. Bell, of Dover, Kent. Panel 77.3

+BERRY, Able Seaman, LEONARD EDWARD WILLIAM, C/SSX 28738, H.M. Submarine Unbeaten, Royal Navy. 11 November 1942. Age 21. Son of Leonard William Charles and Caroline Nellie Berry, of Dover, Kent. Panel 53.1

BROWN, Victor George, 6 July 1942, Stoker, H.M.S Niger. Panel 61.3

+BURDETT, Edgar Ernest Henry, died 18 November 1942. Panel 53.1

CANNON, Arthur Albert William, C/R/112131,Chief Petty Officer, HMS Vimiera, aged 32, died 9 January 1942, Son of Arthur Robert Julius Cannon and Eva, formerly Riches; husband of Ethel Francis Louisa Cannon, of Greenwich, London, panel 51.2., An old St Mary's school boy, born in Dover in 1909. His father served in the Great War, enlisting from 11 Finnis Court, Finnis Hill, Dover. He had several siblings, including Eva, 1912, Herbert, 1915, Kathleen, 1918, Robert, 1920, and George, 1924.

CLARK, Robert George Harold, died 9 January 1942. Panel 51.3

CHAPPELL, Boy 1st Class, WILLIAM ARTHUR, C/JX 194795, H.M.S. Barham, Royal Navy. 25 November 1941. Age 17. Son of Frank and Margaret Mary Chappell, of Dover, Kent. Panel 45.2

CROUCHER, Edward George, 12 December 1939. Panel 33.1

CHEESEMAN, Telegraphist, BERNARD GEORGE, C/JX 236264, H.M. Submarine P.311., Royal Navy. 8 January 1943. Age 22. Son of Henry E. and Christina E. Cheeseman, of 6 Douglas Road, Dover, Kent. Panel 71.1. A report from 2016 suggests the submarine struck a mine; a vessel suspected to be P311 was found virtually intact off the coast of Sardinia, apart from some damage to the bow. It is suggested that the 71 crew who died may still be aboard. Bernard was half-brother to Tommy Gould, VC. See also Reuben Gould.

+DISBURY, Petty Officer Motor Mechanic, JOHN CHURTON, C/MX 620637, H.M.S. Frobisher., Royal Navy. 18 July 1944. Age 26. Son of William Harold and Josephine Disbury; husband of Kathleen Disbury, of Dover, Kent. Panel 78.1

DOUGLAS, Vice Admiral, Sir HENRY PERCY, K C B, C M G, H.M.S. Pembroke, Royal Navy. 4 November 1939. Age 63. Son of Admiral Sholto Douglas, C.B., and Maria Louisa Douglas; husband of Katherine Chute Douglas. Younger Brother of Trinity House; Chairman of the Dover Harbour Board 1934; Conservator of the Mersey. Panel 33.1

+DRAYNER, Steward, JACK WILLIAMS, C/LX 26693, H.M.S. Marigold, Royal Navy. 9 December 1942. Age 26. Son of Walter George and Lily Ann Drayner, of Dover, Kent; husband of Yvonne Drayner. Panel 64.3

$DYER, Able Seaman, WILLIAM ALBERT, C/JX 258486, H.M.S. Kingston, Royal Navy. 22 March 1942. Age 32. Son of Edmund James and Caroline Elston Dyer, of Dover, Kent. Panel 53.3

FRANKCOM, Ernest Albert Corbett, 13 December 1939. Panel 33.3

ELLENDER, Chief Petty Officer, FREDERICK THOMAS, C/J 96994, D S M, H.M.S. Cleopatra, Royal Navy. 6 March 1943. Age 39. Son of Robert Hugh and Jane Ellender; husband of Lilian May Ellender, of Dover, Kent. Panel 67.3

+FOX, Leading Seaman, JOHN HENRY EDWARD, C/JX 149694, H.M.S. Cornwall, Royal Navy. 5 April 1942. Age 31. Son of John Edward and Lilian Clara Rose Fox; husband of Freda Lilian Fox, of Dover, Kent. Panel 52.1

GEARD, Frederick Wilfred John, died 3 August 1940. Panel 38.2

+HADLEY, George Robert, died 29 May 1941. Panel 41.2

+HALFORD, Leonard Hendley, died 20 November 1943. Panel 67.3

HAMBROOK, Ronald Fittall, died 27 March 1943. H.M.S. Dasher. Panel 70.3

+HARVEY, Robert Charles, died 24 August 1940. Panel 37.3

+HIMSWORTH, Richard Henry, died 11 January 1941. Panel 44.3

+HOGBEN, Stoker 1st Class, CHARLES OWEN, C/KX 97610, H.M.S. Hereward, Royal Navy. 29 May 1941. Son of George James and Ethel Hogben, of Dover, Kent. Panel 47.3

+HOGBEN, Stoker 1st Class, JOHN HENRY THOMAS, C/KX 93531, H.M.S. Imogen, Royal Navy. 16 July 1940. Age 20. Son of John William and Alice Louisa Hogben, of Dover, Kent. Panel 38.2

HOLMES, LEWIS WILLIAM, HOLMES, Leading Seaman Royal Navy Unit Text: H.M.S. Martin Age: 24 died: 10/11/1942 in Western Mediterranean. Service No: C/SSX 17078 Son of George Richard (died 19 December 1941) and Annie Holmes, née Locke, married 1917, Elham area. Panel: 52, 2.

HOPKINS, Able Seaman, JOHN RICHARD WILLIAM, C/SSX 28303, H.M.S. Calcutta, Royal Navy. 1 June 1941. Age 20. Son of John and Elizabeth Susannah Hopkins, of Dover, Kent. Panel 43.1

HOPPER, Able Seaman, CHARLES ALBERT, C/JX 141200, H.M.S. Cornwall, Royal Navy. 5 April 1942. Age 22. Son of William George Hopper, of Dover, Kent. Panel 54.3

+HUDSON, Petty Officer, ALBERT EURYALUS, H.M.S. Boadicea, died 13 June 1944. Panel 74.3

+HUDSON, Douglas Jack (Foch?), H.M.S. Liverpool, Telegraphist, 15th October 1940. Panel 37.2

+KISBEE, Seaman, WILLIAM JAMES EDWARD, C/X 20616A, H.M.S. Rosabelle, Royal Naval Reserve. 11 December 1941. Age 28. Son of Edward and Clara Elizbeth Kisbee, of St. Radigunds, Dover, Kent. Panel 49.3

+LAKER, John William, died 12 February 1941. Panel 41.2

+LAW, Reginald Thomas E, 26 September 1942, H.M.S. Veteran. Panel 61.1

LEITH, Leading Stoker, DOUGLAS WILLIAM, C/KX 189126, H.M.S. Sultan, Royal Navy. Died ashore 31 March 1942. Age 24. Son of Emma Jane Leith, of Dover. Panel 83

LEITH, Mechanician, HORACE WALTER, C/K 21046, H.M.S. Delhi, Royal Navy. 4 December 1939. Age 43. Husband of Edith E. Leith, of Dover, Kent. Panel 33.3

+LILLEY, William Alfred, died 11 January 1941. Panel 41.3

+McCARTHY, Able Seaman, DANIEL JEREMIAH, C/SSX 28234, H.M.S. Barham, Royal Navy. 25 November 1941. Son of Patrick and May McCarthy, of Dover, Kent. Panel 43.1

+MANTON, Ernest Percy, 24 May 1941, HMS Hood. Panel 49.1

+MILLSTEAD, William Henry, died 27 March 1943. Panel 17.2

+MORECRAFT, Albert Frederick, died 12 December 1939. Panel 33.2

OATES, Wilfred Leonard, died 12 December 1940. Panel 33.3

$PAGE, Leading Seaman, CHARLES PERCY, C/J 114039, H.M.S. Registan, Royal Navy. 27 May 1941. Age 32. Son of John Samuel and Kate Page, of Dover, Kent. Panel 42.1

+PERREN, Henry Robert, died 2 February 1943. Panel 73.1

+PHILLIPS, Ronald Frank John, died 24 April 1944. Panel 76.1

+RANDALL, Ordinary Seaman, ALFRED DOUGLAS, C/JX 162572, H.M.S. Jaguar, Royal Navy. 26 March 1943. Age 18. Son of Henry James and Clara Maria Randall, of Dover, Kent. Panel 58.1

$RAYSBROOK, Stoker 2nd Class, SIDNEY ERNEST FREDERICK, C/KX 128707, H.M.S. Repulse, Royal Navy. 10 December 1944. Age 30. Son of Sidney Raysbrook, of Buckland, Dover, Kent. Panel 48.2

+ROGERS, Marine, LESLIE VICTOR, CH/X104204, 11th Bn., Royal Marines. Died ashore 14 September 1942. Age 19. Son of Thomas Fredrick James Rogers, and of Bertha Florence Rogers, of Tower Hamlets, Dover. Panel 84

+RUSSELL, , H.M.S. Picotee, 12 August 1941. Panel 43.3

+SAUNDERS, Leading Seaman, LEONARD WALTER CHARLES, C/JX 150543, H.M.S. Warspite, Royal Navy. 2 August 1943. Age 22. Son of Walter Frank and Rose Lilian Saunders, of Dover, Kent. Panel 68.2

+SHEPHARD, Harry Bernard, , H.M.S. Penelope, 18 February 1944. Panel 76.3

+SILK, Stoker 1st Class, ALBERT ALFRED, C/KX 93532, H.M.S. Lightning, Royal Navy. 12 March 1943. Age 23. Son of Albert Arthur and Alice Kate Silk, of Dover, Kent. Panel 72.2

SMALL, Herbert Harry Alvin, died 23 May 1941. Panel 46.3

SMITH, William James Archibald, 12 December 1939. Panel 33.3

STOCKBRIDGE, Edward John, died December 1942. Panel 62.3

+SUTTON, Donald, H.M.S. Calcutta, 1 June 1941, Panel 48.1

+THUBRON, John, 16 March 1940. Panel 38.3

+WELLS, Mechanician 1st Class, EDWARD JOHN, C/KX 82754, H.M.S. Curacoa, Royal Navy. 2 October 1942. Age 27. Son of Robert W. and Frances J. Wells; husband of Doris Maud Wells, of Dover, Kent. Panel 60. 3



(p) TANNER, Annie Francis, 6 May 1941


WEEDON, Gunner, THOMAS, 1615592, 8 res. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery. 13 March 1941. Age 29. Husband of Mary Ann Catherine Weedon, of Dover. Section G 12, Grave 38193


+SAWYER, Henry Cecil, 2 August 1940. Commemorated on a screen wall at the back of the war graves plot

from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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